An Overview:

Forefront Experience focuses on training participants in four key areas of development. These four areas are strategically targeted to provide the highest quality of personal development training. We believe that these Four Foundations are critical building blocks to a lifetime of effective ministry. Without devotion to establishing a strong foundation we will miss out on things God may be calling us to. A called and equipped Christ follower has unlimited potential to fulfill the purposes that God has placed on their life.

Leadership Development

Within Forefront Experience, we strive to foster a culture of leadership. Our leadership curriculum focuses on finding the personal values of each participant, implementing authenticity, and creating space to develop different types of leadership. Another major focus of our leadership training is specific equipping for discipleship within various professional spheres.

Forefront Experience believes that the best type of leadership training involves practical leadership experience where leaders are able to experience successes and failures in a coached environment.

We prepare each participant with the capacity to lead people, communities, cities and even nations after their time at Forefront. As such, it is imperative that participants come to Forefront Experience expecting to be viewed as a leader and with a desire to hone their leadership skills. We believe that once an participant steps out and identifies themselves as a leader, God will step in and further their sanctification in that area.

Spiritual Development

A lifelong healthy and intimate walk with Jesus is the goal that Forefront Experience has for each participant. God made each person with a specific and unique calling on their life. The only way to accurately discern God’s calling on your life, both long term and short term, is to constantly be walking with Him and staying sensitive to His movements and promptings.

We have found that living in a gospel-centered, missional community in a cross-cultural context produces unprecedented amounts of spiritual development.

In this environment if we personally and corporately devote ourselves to pressing into Jesus, the effects are life changing. We have identified three keys to spiritual growth: walking in our identity in Christ, recognizing and working to fulfill our calling, and cultivating joy throughout our entire lives.

As an organization and in all of our trainings we strive to devote ourselves to 2 Timothy 3:16 and 17. Here, Paul writes that all scripture is useful for teaching, reproof, correcting, and training so that we will be equipped for every good work. We acknowledge that scripture is the best training manual that will ever exist and therefore submit ourselves to its authority and workings in our lives. We do this so that we may be equipped for the good works God has placed on our hearts and has prepared for us (Eph. 2:10).

Vocational Development

The experiential facet that sets Forefront apart from other training programs is a focus on sustainable vocation development as a core strategy of missions. For young professionals, it is important to spend dedicated time gaining valuable work experience that allows each participant to cultivate skills that create value in their workplace (vocation). Forefront Experience participants will work part time at a business, non-profit, or government organization to develop organizational and workplace competence to set them up for success in the future. The internship is based on the participant’s gifts and passions.

Within the program there are currently teachers, business people, medical professionals, and others working with a variety of non-profits.

This vocational ministry focus is an essential part of our vision for missional living in an unreached area. So much life happens in the professional setting that we must strive for life-change in these spheres. The natural relationships that develop in these settings become amazing opportunities for witness and discipleship. By the end of the Experience each participant will have focused their workplace abilities, established marketable skills, and will be better equipped for a career and ministry within their desired field.

Language Development

For anyone that is serious about long-term ministry or work in an overseas location, it is necessary that a level of fluency in the local language be reached. Forefront Experience is passionate about language learning. All participants are required to take language classes and actively pursue language fluency.

We have found that a community focused on language learning makes the process more enjoyable for everyone who is involved.

Language learning does not have to be difficult; it simply takes the right environment and motivation. The language goal that Forefront Experience has set for each participant is to be fluent or partially fluent by the end of the two-year program. This type of language proficiency is not only advantageous for a lifetime overseas but will also increase the participant’s desirability to stateside companies or organizations with a global network.