Isaiah 54:2
“Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.”
At Forefront Experience, we invite participants who don’t see their desired field or position listed in our vocational opportunities to consider going through our program in a “pioneering track”. This means that the individual will work to break ground on a new area during their 2-year experience.

We believe God wants to redeem EVERY sphere of society and He might have designed YOU to play a pioneering role!

On the pioneering track you still get loads of training and resourcing. The difference in this program option is your vocational development. Forefront Experience staff and facilitators do everything in their power to help our pioneers but ultimately the responsibility falls on the participant. This is not an easy road and is not something that we recommend for everyone. However, it is extremely rewarding for participants to be able to look back at what they have built after 2 years setting the stage for their own lives and those who follow.

Natalie is a great example of a Forefront Experience pioneer.

She moved overseas with hopes of doing something involving healthcare or nursing. She struggled to find an avenue that aligned with her God-given abilities in a cross-cultural hospital setting. She persevered and got involved in many different places eventually beginning work at a local orphanage with special needs children. She loved the work and the orphanage employees loved learning from her experience and expertise.

After a period of working there, God provided an opportunity that was far beyond anything she could have imagined. Another woman in the city had a dream of starting an orphanage for children with AIDS and approached Natalie about helping direct it. She agreed and is now working to solidify it as a non-profit while raising the necessary resources. Natalie would have never expected to be doing this but she stepped out and God stepped in. He granted her the opportunity to work doing something she loves and is passionate about.

Is God calling YOU to step out?

Please allow the following thoughts to serve as both a warning and an encouragement to those considering this route.

  • Pioneering something isn’t easy. If you are pioneering it, it hasn’t been done before. It hasn’t been done because it is tough which means you are going into difficult or previously untouched territory. Either way it is not an easy journey.
  • In order to be a pioneer you must be innovative. You must see a need that hasn’t been met or see a method for meeting a need that hasn’t been seen. You have to think outside of the box.
  • You have to be hard working. Trailblazing is a challenging task. It is easy to walk on the trail but to make one yourself is a different story.
  • You must be resilient. You have to be willing to strike out and still keep going. You cannot expect that everything will go your way. There will be many, many struggles but you need to have the tenacity to work through them and move on.
  • You have to be self-motivated but not for yourself. You must not want to do something ‘innovative’ for selfish reasons but you must be so burdened by God in a specific area that you feel you must accomplish whatever it is He has placed on your heart.
  • Finally, in order to be a pioneer you must be blessed by the providence of God. This is what the secular world would call lucky. However luck isn’t really a Christian perspective. If God is sovereign then what we receive is a deliberate gift from Him given to us for a specific purpose. It is not chance, it is forbearance.
  • Pioneering definitely isn’t for everyone but maybe you are like Natalie. Is God calling you to be a pioneer on the Forefront?

    “If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.” – GK Chesterton

    “Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.” – Saint Augustine