We exist to catalyze disciple-making movements in North America among the unreached.
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We are a network of disciple-makers among the local and global Church residing in North America. We reach for the unreached by equipping diverse teams of obedient followers of Jesus to pursue disciple-making movements. We want to see Kingdom transformation multiply to the ends of the earth.

What We Do

  • We make disciples among the unreached living in North America.
  • We equip the local and global Church in North America to make disciples.
  • We pursue a spiritual posture that will lead to disciple-making movements.
1. Among the Unreached

We holistically serve refugees, international students, and economic immigrants from unreached places who have come to North America. We minister by meeting a variety of physical needs and looking for opportunities to start discovery Bible studies with those who are spiritually interested.

Many of the locations people come from like North Africa, the Middle East and East Asia are challenging for Christian missionaries to enter. Yet God is bringing these people to our cities and neighborhoods.

God is moving the unreached to America so they can be reached! Consider giving a financial gift to help our full-time missionaries meet needs among these communities.

2. Among the Local and Global Church

We equip people from all varieties of churches in North America to make reproducing disciples. We come alongside the global church that is near-culture to the unreached populations we want to see reached. We help them develop a vision and basic tools for reaching those they are uniquely positioned to reach. We help predominantly Western churches develop cross-cultural ministries to the unreached as well as train people considering moving overseas as missionaries!

Are you or your church looking for help making disciples in the diverse communities that you find yourself in? Consider talking with our trainers to see if there is a way we could help you take the next step on your disciple-making journey.

3. Spiritual Posture

We believe that a movement of prayer will always precede a disciple-making movement. We invest in prayer initiatives that unify our cities and multiply intercession for the unreached.

God can start a disciple-making movement in North America if we ask Him for it. Will you join us in asking?

Men Overseas

Our Distinctives

Emphasis on obedience
Obedience is where our disciple making journey begins. Wherever you are, however much experience you have, the next step in disciple making is to be obedient to God and His word. We can have all of the knowledge in the world, but if we are not compelled to act in obedience, it is worthless. We are constantly pushing people to pursue obedience and through that obedience, greater fruitfulness in ministry.
Reaching the nations here and there
We desire, above all else, to see God glorified by every people group. In His sovereignty, God is moving the nations to our cities and neighborhoods. This means that many of us have an unprecedented opportunity to reach the unreached without ever having to get on a plane. We want to reach the unreached who are now our neighbors and also see more laborers going to the unreached as well.
Equipping every believer as a disciple-maker
We believe that every follower of Jesus has the responsibility and joy of being engaged in disciple making. While this may take different forms, we all share this burden. Our training is designed to help everyone, regardless of vocation or previous experience, become a more effective disciple maker. There is otherwise unknown joy and fulfillment that comes to those who are working to make disciples.
Movement-centric (DMM, disciples making disciples)
We want everything we do to multiply. Multiplication was a core strategy that Jesus employed. He expected his disciples to make disciples that would in turn make other disciples. Obedience to this ministry model allows us to see the greatest number of people reached by the gospel.
Priority of the unreached
In whatever your hands find to do, consider how to leverage those things for the Kingdom of God where He’s yet to be known. We see the Biblical narrative as one of God’s glory among all nations. However, we are burdened with the reality that a large portion of the world remains unreached by the Gospel. Therefore, we simply call people to reach for the unreached in whatever way they can. Maybe you are called as a missionary to the Middle East or as an accountant to use your financial acumen to support business as missions ventures. In all things reach for the unreached for God’s glory among the nations.
Coming alongside local believers (cultural insiders)
Individuals who share a culture and language have a connectedness that outsiders to that language and culture do not have. For that reason, we believe that believers from a certain culture with be more effective at reaching the lost in their own culture. We work with believers coming from unreached places and train them to become more effective disciple makers. While they have a much better understanding of the language, culture and people, they may have no paradigm for disciple making. If these individuals catch a vision for disciple making, they can be catalytic in seeing their people group reached.
Understanding individual design & wiring
Before we are able to answer “What am I to do?” we must first understand “What story am I part of”? As we look to the story of God’s Kingdom, we aim to equip disciple makers with a framework to answer this question: How can I do the things that I’m uniquely able to do, that will make the most significant impact for good in the world, to the glory of God and in alignment with His Kingdom story?

Who We Are

What We Believe
We affirm the Lausanne Covenant as an expression of our Evangelical Christian beliefs – link.

We highly value working with the diverse body of Christ who may differ with us on “open-handed” issues.

The Forefront Team
Forefront Experience is a 501c3 non-profit organization incorporated under the name “The Global Forefront” in Texas with a board that provides regular oversight. If you would like a copy of our financials please send us a request through our Connect page.

We are operationally directed by a Strategic Leadership Team that is comprised of leaders across Forefront locations. We currently operate in Dallas/Fort Worth, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Memphis and Northwest Arkansas where we have multiple City Directors serving. We intentionally have not listed the names of staff to protect their security.

If you have any questions at all we are just an email or call away! We work with many like-minded groups in each of our locations. If you’d like to explore partnership in some capacity give us a shout!

How We Started
Forefront Experience was started conceptually in 2012 by a group of friends who had a passion for the unreached. As they considered moving overseas, they had a desire to use their God-given gifts and vocation while working to make disciples. While on the field, they saw a need to equip others to do the same. Forefront grew as individuals came for this experiential training. However, God was beginning to move us in a new direction.

As participants moved back to the United States, it became apparent that we should increase our efforts to reach the unreached in North America. This happened in the midst of record-breaking numbers of international students and a global refugee crisis the media was just beginning to cover. God was clear. He was (and still is) moving people from unreached places to cities across the United States in an unprecedented way. Reaching these individuals became our sole focus as an organization. God has been extremely gracious and we have seen great things happen. While there has been much development within Forefront, we have never lost sight of seeing God glorified among the unreached and doing everything we can to see followers of Jesus equipped to reach them.

Core Values
Multiplication // Matthew 28:18-20, 2 Timothy 2:2

Grow as you Go // John 15:1-17, Matthew 13:8

Loving Obedience // John 14:15-31, Deuteronomy 6:3-9

Kingdom Transformation // Mark 1:15, Luke 11:1-14, Matthew 13

Collaborative // John 4, Acts 10, Acts 16

Abundant Prayer // Mark 1:35, Luke 5:16, Acts 4:23-31

Urgency of reaching all people groups // Matthew 24:14, Revelation 7:9

Core Values