Join our experiential training opportunities including Missional Learning Teams and Internships focused on disciple-making efforts among the unreached in North America. We want to equip teams of local and global believers to become catalysts for disciple-making movements. Receive DMM Coaching from our disciple-making practitioners.

Missional Learning Team

The Missional Learning Team is an eight to fifteen-week experiential training program. It is designed to help obedient followers of Jesus establish a personal ministry reaching for the unreached while obtaining greater clarity regarding God’s plan for their life. Learn in a team environment from experienced disciple-makers. We combine prayer, learning, team dynamics and practical ministry among the unreached. Each week contains both mission and learning elements as we put into practice everything we learn with accountability from the team.

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What are the goals?
  • Equip participants with Biblical tools for reaching the least reached (2 Timothy 3:16-17)
  • Assist participants in establishing or upgrading personal ministries (1 Peter 2:9)
  • Mobilize the local and global church to greater awareness, prayer, and action in ministering to the least reached people in our city and in the world. (Proverbs 29:18)
  • Multiply long-term disciple-making teams from Missional Learning Team participants focused on reaching specific areas of lostness in the city (Matthew 9:37-38)
  • Who is the program for?
  • Anyone desiring increased accountability and training for cross-cultural ministry
  • Local and global church partnerships
  • Perfect for church small groups and missional communities to do together
  • For individuals or mission agency participants considering moving overseas
  • For anyone who desires greater clarity about their life purpose
  • People wanting to focus on unreached populations near their community
  • Missional Learning Teams are a great next step after Perspectives!
    Core Components of an MLT

    Outreach: Look for people of peace by meeting needs, engaging in spiritual conversations and inviting internationals to discover the God of the Bible
    Discipleship: Facilitate discovery studies with groups of interested non-believers with a focus on multiplication; coach new believers to become lifelong disciple-makers

    Mobilization: Teach more believers to engage with God’s heart for the world by sharing with others what you’re learning in the MLT and inviting them alongside you in ministry

    Equipping: Develop team members through the cross-cultural ministry training program and invite them to consider joining a long-term disciple-making team after the MLT

    Team: Members share the same goals for mission and learning, helping each other accomplish their objectives by providing accountability and peer coaching

    **Distance coaching available for people launching to new locations**
    Cost and Expectations
    The basic program cost is $100 per person (or $150 for engaged or married couples) allowing us to provide book resources and two weekend intensive trainings. Need-based scholarships may be available by request.

    The program is flexible based on life circumstances but also holds participants to a high commitment level. If more than two of the team meetings are missed you will need to meet one on one with your team leaders.

    Forefront Internship

    Forefront’s internships are a great fit during a college summer, a training season while preparing for the field, and much more! Become competent in cross-cultural disciple-making and the ability to start multiplying Discovery Bible Studies in any future environment. Make a significant contribution to the local disciple-making team’s goals through service, outreach and mobilization. Develop a better understanding of the connection between your personal giftings and global missions. Cultivate specific skill sets through areas of focus and completing a comprehensive personal development plan.

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    Who is the internship for?
    • People who have a desire to make an immediate impact among the unreached and develop skills to make disciples for a lifetime
    • Taken Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class or display an equivalent level of knowledge and heart for the unreached
    • Active in ministry with a personal desire to grow in disciple-making and evangelism
    • The program has some flexible components so reach out to see if its a fit for you!
    Join us!
    We are laboring to catalyze disciple-making movements among the unreached in North America that will saturate not only the resettled population but multiply back to their home countries. We engage the community through meeting physical and emotional needs like teaching English and assisting families in meeting basic needs. All interns will be expected to participate in disciple-making among internationals and support the long-term team’s ministry efforts.

    Possible Areas of Focus:
  • Teaching English
  • Trauma Healing
  • Mobilization
  • Future Missionary Preparation
  • Ministry Leadership/Coaching
  • Non-Profit Operations
  • Program Development
  • Community Development
  • Hiking/Outdoors Ministry
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Networking with local and global Churches
  • The-Why
    How would the time be spent?
    OUTREACH: A large percentage of time initially would go towards building relationships at refugee centers or on campus to start meeting contacts by fulfilling physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

    DISCIPLESHIP: After some relationships are established, ministry efforts will begin to blend into starting and coaching Discovery Bible Studies among international contacts.

    TEAM: Interns will contribute towards occasional Forefront events, team and staff meetings and assist in other areas of specific interest.

    LEARNING: Interns will work with their supervisor to make an individual development plan to ensure optimal personal growth.

    Support Raising
    All internships are support-raised positions determined by the cost of living in each location and duration of the internship. Forefront trains and coaches interns through the fundraising process. Please reach out to us with any questions you have.

    DMM Coaching

    Is a job taking you overseas but you don’t have time to prepare before you leave? Or maybe you arrived on the mission field, started learning the language, but now you wonder what to do next? Invite a Forefront team member to help coach you from a distance in disciple-making movements!
    Forefront coaching provides helpful guidance in best practices of cross-cultural disciple-making. We follow the philosophy of disciple-making movements which is a simple and highly reproducible church planting strategy.

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