Northwest Arkansas is a growing location for international students, economic immigrants, and refugees, many of which are from unreached locations. Join our teams making disciples among these populations in NWA while gaining a better understanding of your unique God-given calling and developing skills for effective cross-cultural ministry. Lets go on this disciple-making journey together.

Missional Learning Teams

The Missional Learning Team is an eight to fifteen-week experiential training program. It is designed to help obedient followers of Jesus establish a personal ministry reaching for the unreached while obtaining greater clarity regarding God’s plan for their life. Learn in a team environment from experienced disciple-makers. We combine prayer, learning, team dynamics and practical ministry among the unreached. Each week contains both mission and learning elements as we put into practice everything we learn with accountability from the team.

Active Locations Fayetteville, Springdale, Lowell, Bentonville, Prairie Grove.

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Forefront’s internships are a great fit during a college summer, a training season while preparing for the field, and much more! Become competent in cross-cultural disciple-making and the ability to start multiplying Discovery Bible Studies in any future environment. Make a significant contribution to the local disciple-making team’s goals through service, outreach and mobilization. Develop a better understanding of the connection between your personal giftings and global missions. Cultivate specific skill sets through areas of focus and completing a comprehensive personal development plan.
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Long-Term Efforts

All Forefront Experience activity focuses on long-term impact both locally and globally often through teams and coaching/mentoring relationships. We build ongoing disciple-making teams focused on specific populations that lack sufficient Christian witness. Our teams focus on finding a person of peace or existing believers among the people group and equipping them to reach the rest of their sphere of influence. We hope to see discipleship and teams that multiply locally and globally to reach the unreached in our cities and abroad.
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Internationals in NWA

Check out this prayer guide that our friends at Global Outfitters have put together.

  • International Students: NWA is the home to the University of Arkansas, John Brown University, and Northwest Arkansas Community College. One of the primary ways we serve this community is through Furniture Friends. The international students we minister to are from places like Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, and India. These students are future leaders of their respective countries and some of the most strategic people in the world to share the love of Christ with because they can be easily sent home with the Good News. Details about countries of origin.
  • Refugees: We serve refugees from a variety of global nations coming from difficult and often traumatic circumstances. We serve them by providing furniture needs, art therapy for children, and more. We often prayer walk in their communities.
  • Economic Immigrants: The big businesses in Northwest Arkansas such as Walmart, JB Hunt, and Tyson have attracted many international workers. Many of these people are from unreached places like India which has the largest number of unreached ethnic groups in the world. Other groups we have the opportunity to build relationships with have resettled in the area like the Hmong from Laos, Vietnamese, and the Marshallese of the Marshall Islands.