We get asked all the time about the meaning behind our yak logo. Besides being a super cool animal, we chose the yak to represent Forefront Experience because of some very special characteristics.

Yaks Thrive in Adverse Environments
Yaks are only found in a few countries, all within the hostile environment of the Himalayan Mountains. This is the largest mountain range in the world. and is among the most formidable environments on the planet. Yaks live at elevations above 14,000 feet where temperatures can dip below -40°. Yet despite the difficulties of their surroundings, yaks thrive in these harsh conditions. In Forefront Experience, we want to see people flourishing in adverse environments because they have the joy of Jesus Christ and are walking in their purpose.
Yaks are Uniquely Designed
Yaks cannot survive for extended periods of time in places without these extreme settings. Yaks have been designed by God specifically for this challenging climate and therefore must remain near the Himalayas in order to flourish. Like yaks, when we operate most completely within our God-given design we will be the most effective stewards of our gifts, abilities and talents.
Why the Yak
Yaks are Able to Reach Difficult Places
Yaks are more surefooted animals than both horses and mules. This makes them the animal of choice to trek to nearly impossible to reach places. The majority of the remaining Unreached People Groups on earth live in extremely difficult and hard to reach places. We want to be tools used by God to reach the lost wherever they are. We want to always be asking the question, “How do we go and impact the unreached places with the Gospel?”

Yaks are Wholly Utilized
Local people groups scattered around the Himalayas use yaks in every way possible. The nomadic dwellers in these mountainous regions rely on the yak for their entire livelihood using them for food, milk, butter, wool, leather, fuel and many other important daily items. Similarly, we want every single aspect of our life to be poured out for the Gospel.
Why the Yak
Finally, the yak is a nod to where we were founded. We never want to forget our humble beginnings in a sleepy city on the foothills of the Himalayas.